Connecting Living
to Nature


Connecting Living
to Nature

TOSTEM believes that windows and doors are the interfaces
that bring people in harmony with Nature.

They let wind and light flow into the living space,
enabling us to delight in the atmosphere and the sky,
and obtain a sense of complete freshness.

They are armors against Nature’s challenges,
from powerful rains and winds to steaming heat and freezing cold.

They are the promise of new beginnings,
opening onto a new day.

Forged by Japan,
a land embraced by both the gifts and hardships of Nature,
nurtured over half-a-century of innovation,
TOSTEM’s technologies lead towards
the true coexistence of humans and their environment.


Design and technology refined through
Japan’s diversity of nature

Japan’s four distinct seasons, from cold, crisp winters to hot, humid summers, present a design and technological challenge - ensuring safety and comfort in extremes of weather and temperature, while allowing you to enjoy the changing seasonal beauty of the world outside.
After more than half a century of innovation, it’s a challenge that still inspires us as we bring cutting-edge technologies to people’s homes around the world.


Helping people
live in harmony with nature

Our vision is to help people live in harmony with - and be enriched by - the natural world.
We try to live up to this ideal by working to reduce our environmental impact through recycling programs and other ecological initiatives with the aim of contributing to a sustainable society.