Enriching lives,
supporting our environment

Our goal is for people to coexist with nature without placing an unsustainable burden on the environment. TOSTEM is contributing to the realization of a more sustainable society in several way, such as reducing CO2 emissions through energy-saving windows and doors, recycling waste materials, and organizing activities for children on the importance of protecting our environment to safeguard our lives for the future.

Corporate responsibility activities for a brighter future

Corporate responsibility activities for a brighter future

The TOSTEM brand, as the window and door business of LIXIL Corporation, is working to help solve social issues, generate future prosperity and realize a sustainable society.

Through the Cool Peace project, we are creating indoor environments that remain cool and comfortable even in the hot summer months, helping to prevent heat stroke and raise awareness of the importance of staying in the shade.

Cool Peace (Japanese only)

Through experience and constant experimentation, we are encouraging future generations to think about ways of living that harness the power of nature.

On-site classes (Japanese only)



We are committed to various recycling initiatives that collect and reuse aluminum building materials - including windows and other items from temporary housing erected after the Great East Japan Earthquake - and to use recycled aluminum in our products.