Sliding door (3 panels on 3 tracks)

* Available in SG and IG unit * Select panel position from L/R *Handle option


Frame Depth 120mm
Glass Up to 31.5mm
Height Of Sill 50mm

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GRANTS is the flagship product series for TOSTEM. The innovative design results in a large surface area of glass for panoramic view. Taking the standard of aluminium windows and doors to another level. The sliding door is a key product of the GRANTS series with concealed panels to reveal 10% more glass area and reputed smooth operation


Air Tightness
ASTM E283 : 10.7m³/h-m²
Noise Insulation
JIS : 25dB
Water Tightness
ASTM E300 : 300 Pa
Wind Pressure
ASTM E330 : 2000 Pa

Colour Variations

Natural white
Natural silver
Ivory white
Shine grey
Autumn brown
Natural black


Concealed hinges

Concealed ventilation system


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