Folding Door (4 panels)

* Select from L/R *Sill option (standard & flat) *1 panel cannot exceed 40kg *Choose from -one way open - Both-way open -center open *In case of flat-sill, no performance determined


Frame Depth 72mm
Glass Up to 8mm
Height Of Sill 35mm

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WE70 series brings legendary TOSTEM quality to everyday life. Built for mass market, while maintaining strict quality standards. WE70 series puts TOSTEM within everyone's reach. The folding window is a popular option given the reputation of TOSTEM quality


Air Tightness
Noise Insulation
JIS : 25dB
Water Tightness
JIS W-2 : 150 Pa
Wind Pressure
JIS S-1 : 800 Pa

Colour Variations

Natural white
Natural silver
Ivory white
Shine grey
Autumn brown
Natural black


Easily adjustable outer-panel lock

High quality security lock

Easy-grip handle


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