Design and technology refined through
Japan’s changing seasons

TOSTEM’s design and technology are inspired by an intimate familiarity with the beauty-and severity-of Japan’s four seasons. They deliver not only superior performance but also capture and frame the natural scenery beyond, letting you appreciate and enjoy the grandeur of nature throughout the changing seasons.

Focusing on quality and reliability, TOSTEM delivers new value from Japan to homes around the world.

Customer-first manufacturing

Customer-first manufacturing is central to the TOSTEM brand. Creating high-quality products is just the start. We aim to help our customers realize the lifestyles they aspire to. It is with this goal that our craftsmen create TOSTEM products.

Innovative ideas for good living

Innovation accelerating evolution

Lifestyles are constantly evolving. At TOSTEM, we anticipate and adapt to the changing times, continuing to innovate and enrich the world around us.

We are spearheading new technologies in Japan and around the world focusing on outstanding design and ease-of-use.

In Japan, we are driving the evolution of windows through advances including our "smart-light structure," which uses high-performance five-layer glass for maximum insulation with reduced weight, and a "frame-in structure" with an improved design that maximizes glass surface area.

For our entrance doors, we are introducing new technologies, such as a locking system that provides both security and convenience and an automated system for opening and closing sliding entrance doors.

The hybrid window -
combining cutting-edge technology and innovation

The hybrid window – combining cutting-edge technology and innovation

TOSTEM - the leading name in hybrid windows.
Most window frames are made of either aluminum or PVC. Aluminum is strong and durable but conducts heat easily, while plastic insulates well but is susceptible to weathering. Hybrid windows cleverly combine the advantages of both.
Japan’s climate means that windows must perform well in the heat and humidity of summer as well as the biting cold of winter. TOSTEM brand hybrid windows set the standard.

What are hybrid windows? (Japanese only)