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Image Movie “TOSTEM Craftmanship”

TOSTEM believes that craftsmanship lies in creating value from the perspective of the people who live in a home.
Image Movie “TOSTEM Craftmanship” explesses our relentless pursuit for quality, exceptional design and the reliable technology.

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Our new website has launched

Our new website has launched

Recognition & Awards 2020.09.01

German Design Award 2021

Tostem Grandel2 Type 152 was awarded as the winner by German Design Award 2021.

Recognition & Awards 2020.03.11

iF Design Award 2020

TOSTEM’s external blind was awarded by iF Design 2020.

Recognition & Awards 2019.10.02

Good Design Award 2019

TOSTEM’s External Blind and TEXLIGHT have been recognized with Good Design Awards 2019 presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

Recognition & Awards 2019.03.25

Red Dot Award 2019

TOSTEM LW Window and GRANDEL2 Type 152 have been recognized with Red Dot Award 2019.

Recognition & Awards 2019.03.11

iF Design Award 2019

TOSTEM LW Window was awarded by iF Design Award 2019, the most prestigious product design awards alongside Red Dot Awards and Good Design Awards.